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Ask the Expert: Skin Care Remedies

Q. I’m so done spending hundreds of dollars monthly on skin products that eventually show up high in carcinogens or metals like aluminum.  Also, my skin is somewhat sallow, dry and sensitive.  Can you give me simple ideas on how to take great care of...


Ask the Expert: Organic versus Conventional

Q. What are the benefits to eating organic produce and meats instead of conventionally grown and raised products? A. The first step to making a savvy decision is to know two things: what “conventionally” grown or raised means, and what “organically” grown or raised guarantees you. Let...


Ask the Expert: Irradiated Food and Pregnancy

Q: My sister is having trouble getting pregnant, as are a number of my friends.  I’ve found research that points to food irradiation being linked to infertility.  What exactly is this, and how does one avoid irradiated food? A: You’re correct.  There is evidence that genetic...