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Ask the Expert: Skin Care Remedies

Q. I’m so done spending hundreds of dollars monthly on skin products that eventually show up high in carcinogens or metals like aluminum.  Also, my skin is somewhat sallow, dry and sensitive.  Can you give me simple ideas on how to take great care of...


Ask the Expert: Skin Care Products

Q. How do I better handle the stress of the upcoming holiday season?  My life is already stressful enough!  A. Stress, acknowledged or not, certainly does take its toll in many insidious ways, AND with the busiest, most “joyous” season of the year approaching, I’ll happily...


Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin – our calling card to the world!  Glowing, dewey, rosy, and wrinkle free is every woman’s ideal!  So what to avoid?  Daily infusions of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, medications, and too much 12:00 to 2:00 PM sun can thin and wrinkle your skin, dehydrate...


Ask the Expert: Hives

Q. I am experiencing hives more and more frequently as an adult.  When I was young, I had two outbreaks up to the age of twenty.  Normally they are small in size, yet with the last two episodes, they were large, worm-shaped and really painful. ...