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Ayurveda Health Tips

Plan-it Lean combines my clinical nutrition knowledge with holistic Ayurveda wisdom and techniques to create the ultimate customized healthy meal plans and personalized health care plan for you. Now is a great time to start incorporating Ayurvedic practices into your daily routine to remove toxins,...


What to expect during a colonic

Perhaps you’ve heard of the many benefits of colonics, but are still nervous to experience one for yourself. Below, I outline the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and what to expect during a colonic. Over time, excess toxic wastes can accumulate in your liver and colon even...


Capsaicin: Lose Weight Eating Tabasco Sauce

I'm reading For Women First and the front cover of the magazine denotes that capsaicin makes fat cells self-destruct. The article states that capsaicin found in hot chili peppers, Tabasco sauce and jalopenos works similar to ephedra without harming your heart. But if you have a tender stomach, eating these food...


Ask the Expert: Diet Pills

Q. I heard a new and improved diet pill has hit the market, what is the name? Does it work and do I have to worry about side effects? A. The latest supposed “quick fix” pill is called Orlistat (aka Alli) available without a prescription.  This...


Ask the Expert: Udwarthenum

Q. I’ve heard there is an Ayurvedic fat burning treatment that burns excess belly fat REALLY fast!  What is it called and how does it work? A.It is called UDWARTHENUM. I refer my “toughest, most complicated, have lost the motivation to do a new weight loss program...